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BLACK GANGSTER DISCIPLESThe Black Gangster Disciples are originally a Chicago gang. Their founder was David "King David" Barksdale and they considered themselves a "Nation" (BGDN) not a gang. The Black Gangster Disciples came from two different organizations that combined forces, the Black Disciples and the Gangster Disciples. The President was David Barksdale and Vice President was Larry Hoover. For that reason they use the 6 pointed star, for "King David", not because they are Jewish. After Barksdale’s death in 1974 a struggle for power between Hoover and Jerome "King Shorty" Freeman, caused the BGDN to break up in the early 1980s, and back to the Gangster Disciples, Black Disciples, and Black Gangsters, aka "Triple L’s or New Breed" were "Boonie" Black’s group that stood for "Love, Life, and Loyalty". Hoover expanded the GD's and they spread even greater with "Growth & Development" and 21st Century VOTE. GD’s are the biggest faction. Outside of Chicago some gangs will still go by the old name of BGD. BGD/GDs are the biggest gang in Seattle, WA, but not all factions get along.

There was an alignment of Chicago gangs inside jail and prison during the 1960’s, Black P-Stones, Vicelords, and Latin Kings became "People" with their allies. BGD’s became "Folks" with their allies. They study their history and other belief systems which are known as "Knowledge" or "Literature". Some common sayings are "All is One", "All for One, One for All", and "Folk before Family." They will use pitchforks as a handsign and as one of their symbols. They may also use a horned heart with wings and a devil's tail. Also, sometimes a 3-point crown. In theory, they are supposed to do everything to the right side, but this does not always hold true. Their official colors in Chicago are blue and black, and they may align with Crips but in Seattle/King County they often wear red and may align with local Bloods/Pirus. They will have political sub-groups such as "Brothers of the Struggle" (BOS). Members who choose not to participate in a gang activity are subject to disciplinary action or "violations." Violations can result in punishment from push-ups, to beatings, or even death.

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