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Gabriel MoralesI am Gabriel Morales. I have worked in the area of gang prevention and intervention, both in the adult and juvenile system, for over 30 years. My experience includes working with at-risk kids in Seattle, in suburbs, rural areas, and L.A. youth gang diversion programs. I worked many years as a Correctional Peace Officer at Folsom State Prison in California, as well as classifying and dealing with violent offenders in the jail setting of a large urban city. I am a longtime Gangs Instructor at the WA State Academy and have taught at numerous conferences around the country. I was the Founder, 1st President, and past Advisor of the Int’l Latino Gang Investigators Association.


Here are just a few of my classroom highlights during recent years:

  • In 2008, I was contracted by the California Highway Patrol to provide gang training to staff from all over the state. That same year I was also invited to speak at the 35th Annual National Latino Peace Officers Training Institute in Denver, CO, where I presented “Current U.S. Prison Gang Trends for Law Enforcement”. I also taught an intervention class for King County Courts.

  • In 2009, I was invited to speak at the 47th Annual International Association of Women Police Conference in Seattle, WA. In addition, I taught course to many law enforcement groups.

  • In 2010, I spoke at the Youth Gang Symposium in Tennessee, at Colorado-STING, at the Kansas Gang Investigators Association Conference, and for ILGIA in Alabama.

  • In 2011, I taught for the New Jersey Gang Investigators Association on “Sureno & Norteno Gang Migration”, presented on gangs in Spokane, WA, as well as in Cle Elum, WA.

  • In 2012, I taught "Interviewing Gang Members" in San Bernardino, CA, to hundreds of cops and corrections officers. I spoke on Hispanic Gangs at the 2012 California Gang Investigators Association National Conference in Anaheim, CA, and also at the 10th Annual ILGIA Int'l Gang Conference in Seattle, WA, in addition to the Idaho Judicial Conference in Boise, ID, as well as in many other places including teaching a course directed at Teen Mothers.

  • In 2013, I taught for a Mid-west Drug Task Force on Prison Gangs in Topeka, KS. I also taught a course on Intelligence Gathering in Burien, WA, as well as courses in Youth Violence Prevention. I also appeared on the Biography Channel for a segment covering Aryan Brotherhood leader Barry Mills.

I have been quoted in multiple news interviews and am the author of numerous articles and books on the subject of street and prison gangs including: “Varrio Warfare: Violence in the Latino Community”,  “La Familia-The Family: Prison Gangs Across America”, “BEST-Barrio Eighteenth Street, Mara Salvatrucha & Other Sureno Gangs Across America”, as well as multiple books on California Prison Gangs. Future plans include publishing a book on Texas Prison Gangs and Northwest Street Gangs.


GPS also produced a DVD film on Gang Prevention called “For Our Kids, For Our Community” in 2010. In 2004, I was given the Distinguished Service Medal by King County for my work in the area of gangs. I was also appointed to the WA State Gang Study Work Group 2006-2007 by state officials in Olympia, WA. In 2008, I was named “Best Expert at Keeping Kids Off the Street” by Seattle Weekly. In 2010, I received a Diversity Award from King County for my work with at-risk-youth.

GPS also teaches about Black Gangs, Asian Gangs, White Supremacists, other Security Threat Groups as well as many other subjects listed on our Training Page. We have taught courses to many groups including police, corrections, probation and parole officers, juvenile workers, social workers, schools, Job Corps, church groups, etc. if you are interested in our services. GPS has generously donated to groups like the Boys Club, Safe Streets, Mothers Against Violence in America, United Servicemen’s Organization, and many more groups impacting social and gang problems in America.
Gabe Morales
Author/Trainer/Gang Specialist
Owner-Gang Prevention Services

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