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Latin Kings

Latin Kings

The Latin Kings grew out of the 1940 and 50’s Chicago gang wars. One of their slogans, Amor De Rey (ADR), means "King Love". They developed a philosophy of "Kingism" and became a part of the "People Nation" under the 5-point star during the 1960’s polarization of Chicago gangs. They will also use a 5-point crown or 3-pointed crown. The "Motherland" in Chicago is the area of Division and Spaulding. They have an established "Charter" and have well documented rules which members must strictly adhere to. Most members have a King in front of their name, i.e. King Carlos, King Luis, King Beto, etc. During the 1970’s, North and South Chicago Latin King factions developed with each choosing their own President, "Incas" or "Supreme Crown". Their official colors are black and gold which may be worn as beads. The constitution lists the gang's official annual holiday as January 6th, "Kings Holy Day or Dia de Los Reyes", when gang members fast to honor "the memory of departed Brothers and Sisters." Membership is open to anyone who adopts "Kingism" except for rapists, heroin addicts or anyone who has killed a Latin King or his or her relative. They can be very organized and violent. Their official documents also state, any member "found guilty of being a traitor or police collaborator shall . . . be expelled from the Nation."

In 2008, Fernando King, the national "Supreme Inca" or No. 2 leader was convicted in a drug conspiracy. One of their Northside leaders, "Lord Gino" Colon, ordered a Corrections Officer to be killed in 1989 from behind prison walls. He was ultimately charged with the conspiracy while housed at the Menard, Illinois, facility and was convicted in 1998 along with his wife and two others. In May, 2000, Colon was sentenced to life in federal prison (BOP) for masterminding a $1 million cocaine ring and other crimes. Raul "Baby King" Fernandez, leader of the Southside Kings was also incarcerated in the BOP. Luis "King Blood" Felipe left Chicago and started the Bloodline Latin Kings in New York that many Chicago Kings feel is not true Kingism. Recent leaders like Antonio "King Tone" Fernandez have advocated that they are no longer a gang and have transformed. In 1995, Fernandez pleaded guilty to conspiracy to sell and distribute heroin and was sentenced to 13 years in prison. Today, King leaders say that there are still plenty of Brothers and Sisters in the King Nation doing good things for the community, but many Kings have also continued to be involved in criminal activity and act like crazy lunatics. The Kings have now expanded towards the West and Southwest, especially Arizona, Texas, Georgia, Florida, and most of the East Coast. They can also be found in Europe and South America.

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